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Are we saving enough for Retirement?

In Kenya, the role of a retirement benefits scheme has changed from being a mere employment offering to being a crucial part of helping employees achieve their goal of financial independence. Over the past few years, the retirement benefits sector has grown at an exponential rate, with around K Shs 400 billion in assets in ….  Read More


What is your business plan? Do you have one set? Are you in the process of doing one? Well we can tell this for a fact having one is important, and knowing what is, is even more important otherwise, how are you running your business? So let’s get to it. WHAT IS A BUSINESS PLAN? ….  Read More


Before we go ahead with our article, take a look at this video and listen to him very keenly at what he says. As you read this article keep this in mind as you continue reading, that you are not expensive and that you give yourself permission to make a profit with each and every ….  Read More


Sometimes we ask ourselves when we are running our business, does our business need a partnership? And is it important to really have a partner in our business? And there are some of us who ask what is a business partnership? Let me explain to you what a business partnership is, it is a shared ….  Read More


COVID 19 pandemic took the world by storm and slowed down the whole world. People were scared to leave their homes and meet each other. The world was paralyzed. Business, in particular, was at an all-time low except for essential services and financial services. More than eight months in and life is slowly getting back ….  Read More

Customer Retention

Once you are all set on your marketing strategy, we move on to customer retention. We want to know the ways on how to retain our customers, how to make them stay and keep them coming back! But remember customer retention is still part of your marketing that helps your business grow. What is Customer ….  Read More

Customer Retention and Marketing Strategies for Business Growth.

Every business owner has to have a marketing strategy as well as a customer retention plan. As an entrepreneur as you start you business, an SME, your business growth depends on your marketing strategy and how well you execute it. Let’s look at the highlights we will discuss on marketing and customer retention strategies: Understanding ….  Read More

Planning for crisis part 2.

The steps to planning for a crisis. Having a plan ready for the crisis your business is facing is important. What are the steps to planning for a crisis you ask? Well, let us list them down. 1.Make a Risk Mitigation Plan (R&M) crisis plan List down and prioritize your resources. Identify the various potential ….  Read More


As an entrepreneur, you always find yourself in a crisis within your business in your day to day operations, and also with the demands within your business. The responsibilities you take upon as a business person and business owner, requires you to know the risks that your business is facing and how you can manage ….  Read More

Operating Business in COVID 19

The COVID 19 pandemic hit Kenya in March 2020. There was a curfew in place and government directive that employees should work from home and generally stay home. Three months later it is of course not sustainable to keep everyone home especially business people most of who need to trade to keep afloat. Essential business ….  Read More