Sometimes we ask ourselves when we are running our business, does our business need a partnership? And is it important to really have a partner in our business? And there are some of us who ask what is a business partnership? Let me explain to you what a business partnership is, it is a shared business venture, sharing both profits and losses. A business partnership can be formed by individuals/business entities between two parties. It can be an informal agreement. Having a business partnership comes with its ups and downs and we will talk about it as we go along. ….  Read More

Mpower Limited was founded to bridge this gap to provide the Entrepreneur with a platform to discuss and share experience and learn practically through story telling. To provide a platform to facilitate knowledge transfer from consultants, government, service providers and existing entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs started from their homes or boots of car or online, Mpower Limited provided a platform for an actual market place to connect with customers and showcase to a new audience their products.

Mpower Limited connects Entrepreneurs with entrepreneur skills, networking opportunities and market places. We use the digital platform to build capacity and promote entrepreneurs business. We achieve our objectives through the digital platforms, Ladies High Tea events, seminars, mentorship program, online Directory Mpower Directory and exhibitions and bazaars. We have had several successful events over the years and interacted with thousands of entrepreneurs on our platforms. The impact has been increased confidence, profits, focus by entrepreneurs and participation in Entrepreneurship for growth.